According to the Doing Business report of 2018, Zambia has gained 13 places – moving from the 98th position to the 85th position.  Currently, Zambia has been listed as one of the world’s top 10 economies with the most notable improvements.

The report indicates that Zambia has implemented three regulatory reforms as well:  Firstly, the government empowered access to credit by launching the new Movable Property Tax Act.  Secondly, the country established a new unified collateral registry.  And lastly, the country implemented a reform that reduces the tax rate of transferring property.

As a result of implementing a web-customs data management platform, aimed at facilitating importing and exporting activities, the country has also been recognized for improving its cross-border trading.  In addition, the World Bank’s report indicates that Zambia is in the world’s 2nd position for getting credits, 15th position in paying taxes, and 89th position in protecting minority investors

Business opportunities in Zambia


Construction is a fast growing sector in Zambia, but there is a shortage of equipment and machinery for works, as a consequence the costs of construction increase….

This need represent a business opportunity in construction equipment and machinery leasing services.

And also construction Machinery Leasing Services : Trucks, Asphalt Mixers, Bulldozers, Compactors, Concrete Mixers, Concrete Pumps, Cranes, Excavators, Loaders, Concrete Saw, Concrete Truck, Concrete Vibrator, etc.

Agricultural Equipment Leasing Services

You can start a business of agricultural equipment leasing services.

The modernization of agriculture is done mainly by mechanising farming in the country. The local farmers need mainly tractors & accompanying implements.

Food Processing: Maize Flour Milling

The main staple food is maize. There is need of establishing maize flour processing units.

Soya Bean Processing

There is a need to diversify the food intake to bring nutritional ingredients in the local diet. Soya is now being cultivated in Zambia, and there is an urgent need for soya processing into milk and tofu. Invest in Zambia and Start a business in soya processing, make and sell soy milk, tofu and yogurt.

Transport: Freight and Trucking

Seize business opportunities by investing in trucks. Sell used trucks in good conditions and at good prices including parts and maintenance.

Public Transport: Mini buses, Buses

Seize business opportunities by investing in minibuses. Sell used minibuses in good conditions and at best prices


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